Friday, July 29, 2016

Our Philosophy

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In conducting the affairs of Turquoise Harmony Institute we adhere to the following ethos:

Dialogue is about coming together on the basis of common humanity regardless of the background of the individuals.

An harmonious future where all peoples of the world will co-exist in peace and harmony will only possible through dialogue in an atmosphere of mutual understanding.

Behind most social conflicts of our time lies lack of understanding of the “other”.

Social cohesion is threatened by four major causes, namely ignorance, poverty, disunity and disinformation.

Most effective solution to these is dialogue and appreciation of the other.

Dialogue is a process where own identity is preserved and “the other” is celebrated.

Dialogue is about talking without insulting “the other” and without compromising from “own identity”.

First step in dialogue is attained unbiased knowledge about the “other”.

We believe that the hot button topics such as the historical events each of which took place in its own unique circumstances should not be the first things to talk about.

In discussing faith and culture, political aspects have to be carefully excluded from the discussion.

We do not adopt any political stance and believe that common grounds should be discovered and built upon.

We believe that all faiths promote peace and harmony and this message should be voiced loudly by the people of faith especially against abusing of the faith in pursuing other agendas.

Behind all conflicts there are either personal or political agendas which quite often abuse the religion to spread a message to solicit support.