Sunday, July 24, 2016

Turkey Trips

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One of the best ways of promoting dialogue among cultures is to bring people together and build bridges so that we see the humaneness in each other.

For this purpose we organize trips to Turkey regularly the aim of which is to visit historical and cultural sites. Where Turkey is situated today has been home to many major civilizations of human history. Most of the significant such site are preserved until today and they stand witness to what tolerance can achieve and how it is important to humanity.

Our trips take place regularly whenever a group can be put together. We try to include people of similar interests in groups so that we can arrange relevant program while in Turkey.

So far many people from politics, media, academia, NGO, etc have been on these trips found them to be most fruitful.

You are welcome to join a group if you are interested. Simply contact our closest branch and we will provide you with information on this.