Thursday, July 28, 2016

Meat Parcel Distribution

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According to Muslim tradition during the Eid Al Adha every wealthy Muslim needs to slaughter Qurbani (cows or sheep, etc.) and distributes to needy people. People from Turkey send some donations every year to South Africa to perform their Qurbani here

so the meat can be distributed to those who need them the most. Every year they ask for the help of Turquoise Harmony institute and our sister organizations to facilitate this in townships. We as Turquoise Harmony Institute have been distributing these meat parcels every year. We have already distributed more than 30 tones of meat since 2002 only in KZN and much more nationally. THI distributed approximately 3,5 tones of meat (beef) on 3rd of November with eThekwini Municipality to more than 1000 families which has been selected by eThekwini Municipality. His Worship the eThekwini Municipality Executive Mayor, Cllr. James Nxumalo also took part in distributions.


In other provinces too the same woek have been done and thousands of parcels have been delivered to the needy communities.


We do understand that Such projects are only temporary relief to such communities. However, such projects are good examples of what should be done in the short term to tackle poverty stricken communities' hardship. Such property threatens the well being and dignified life of all human beings.

We thank all sponsors and volunteers of this project and specifically to those  various officials of different departments for assisting us in identifying those most needy.