Tuesday, July 26, 2016

New Year's Message 2015

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Turquoise Harmony Institute New Year’s Message

Turquoise Harmony Institute would like to take this opportunity to thank all South African’s for supporting our organizations and contributing to the ideals of meaningful dialogue,

interfaith tolerance, intercultural cooperation, in an effort to foster broad-based social cohesion through the spirit of Ubuntu.

2014 has been a year which has been dominated by wide scale social, economic and political upheavals in a world ravaged by war, poverty, disunity and the politics of difference. The Institute, its leadership and volunteers believe that more needs to be done at grassroots and institutional levels to further bridge the gaps and bring people of different faiths, cultures, ethnicities and communities together – with the aim of challenging the current socio-economic problems and divided political relations which affect our societies negatively.

We are hopeful that the New Year will bring about more dialogue and mutual respect and understanding between people and communities, despite the challengers and problems that we face as the global citizenry.

The Institute will continue its efforts in deepening interfaith and inter-cultural dialogue in South Africa, through various programs, campaigns, forums and projects. The Turquoise Harmony Institute recognizes the importance of the process of dialogue to achieve its ultimate goal of social cohesion and tolerance.

The Turquoise Harmony Institute would like to wish all South Africans and citizens of the world a prosperous and eventual 2015, may the Almighty bless you, your families, congregations and communities with peace, love and prosperity for the year ahead. We look forward to further engaging with members of different faiths, ethnic groups, communities and congregations; with the hope of fulfilling the human potential of social cohesion and tolerance – echoed in the eloquent words of Turkish scholar, educationalist and peace activists, Fethullah Gulen: “Thanks to their hope for forgiveness, humans can rise above the dark clouds that threaten their horizon and seize the opportunity to see light in their world.”